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Related article: Date: Monday, December 27, 1999 14 35th 17 -0800 ( PST ) From: Austin u003crhydant hotmail. com u003e Subject : Kind of my brother, lover, and the model (T / B, M / B, incest, mind control ) Warning : Do not read if you feel a sexual offense man / boy. Do not read this if under 18 years. And so on. , Etc. This is a complete fantasy. No one was hurt in the making of this epic. Chapter 1: Introduction My brother, Josh, was always a small child. He began to modeling at the age of 6 Now at the age of 11 and in sixth class, he liked to model all kinds clothes. You could see it in all the major catalogs. I was not interested in that sort of thing. I can say I'm cute and The girls fell on me. But I had other things to do in my life. My name is Jason. I have 17 years and an art student at the University first year. I told the prompt completion of high school and chose a school of 3 hours away from home. Mom helped me a cool apartment near campus. I 'm about 5 '9 s and weighs 175 pounds. I wrestled in high school so kept quite fit. I love drawing and painting. In fact, I smiled a little picture of my little brother. He put it in your bedroom from the wall and showed everyone. A few weeks ago, my mother called me and asked if he could come Josh n and visited for a few weeks! She had the opportunity to go on a cruise with her new boyfriend Robert. Wow ! She told me that Josh has beg for them the opportunity to visit. I was not thrilled with the idea of ​​Josh come visit, but my mom reminded me, income support for home pay. Shit, I knew I remember it. Josh is a popular guy in school and yet it seems that worship me as their brother. I admit it was very nice and fun. When n to return home for a weekend is always close to me is horrible. Two days was all really could stay by his side. Well, on second thought, I had not seem in n in a while. I do not think Lolita Bbs Toplist that would be bad. I have a few classes summer. I was very happy, in athe classes. Type 6001 is reality for students and the teacher asked me to be in it. He said, He liked my stuff. 6001 was a kind, type of body. that are the different models, men and women, and would like to draw or paint them. Now, I loved it. Of course, maybe I'm a little sexually excited. There were times in my hand, if some of the younger guys that model. Loved the hairless body, but buff. Wow! The biggest thing was a small class. Only six of us in and the class taught by Dr. Gordon, the best art teacher on the campus of. He was a real. He was only about 30 years and had a great body. We were surprised by the clothes one day and start a Model. My hand was shaking, even today, when I tried to paint his great body. Long blond hair and big pecs. He also had a huge cock that must be able to 9 inches to be difficult. Chapter 2 : The Visit On Monday, someone knocked on the door and Jobroke sh by the insane energy of a preteen. It was three days before his 12 birthday and was happy that for the summer. Mom seemed only in a pinch, as Josh was. I turned on the TV, so Josh can see until you willing to do with it. He was fascinated immediately by s an episode of Pokémon was. mom sat at my kitchen table. She sighed. " They were much easier to collect, Jason. Joshua is always in a hurry n from one activity to another. There were five rounds in the modeling of the past week. I managed to read two weeks of vacation. This is not to take any modeling shoot. " " Thanks mom. " that was a relief. Last year I went to one of the fashion shows Josh child. I was bored in its entirety, while the makeup n and the clothes people fussed about Josh makes it look perfect. Then I to listen to all mothers (and some parents) boast of their perfect sons and daughters. thisdriven mad. Suddenly I realized how much my mother gave Josh. I could see why they are needed on vacation. mom gave me the usual list of concerns of Josh, not caffeine, must be in bed before 10 and so on. " Jason, one more thing you should know.... " I was surprised mom who stopped their chatter. " Well, Joshua took a tip from a convicted photographers in a model of the shooting. The Idiot beat the children would look best if you do not wear clothes all the time. " "What? " " This is obviously evil was fired! but Josh seems to enjoy with household laundry. I stopped, but still goes to bed \\ \\ n without pajamas. "Great! My brother was a nudist. " Ummmm, okay. I'll consider. But do not worry. Josh and I will be fine. " The peace of mind needed to get out of Mama the department. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged Josh. Then she was gone. I told Josh that he had a little homeworkto do, and he could watch TV. for a time. Said. 'OK. ' This is great. But we can go ahead and do something? " " Sure. " I went to my room and read a history book of few hours when I heard a knock at the door. Josh was n in Lolita Bbs Toplist the nude! " God, Josh meet or something. " Despite my efforts, I found my eyes wandering small brother pubescent body. Josh was about 5 '3 and weighed about 110 pounds. He liked her blond hair short, so that everyone could see his sweet face and dimples. One day I was to have a muscular body. Could now almost 12 years of age you can see a trace of the muscles of your chest. her nipples were a little more dimes and very red. I was looking to the navel. It s was an Innie, not outside. n Finally, I found myself looking at his greatest attribute. The -boy cock was very impressive for a boy his age. There have been 5 cm s soft and long, resting on two small hair balls. It was thickness liks , and a hot dog looked good enough to eat. That is as soft as the following made ​​his penis look bigger. In fact, he was bald and very soft everywhere, except for the hair on the head. " Wow. " I gasped for air before losing control of myself. "Do you like ? " Josh chuckled. I moved like a big brother as soon as possible. "Josh get some clothes. " " Why, how is it sounds like Mom. 's Not just us guys now, I like to be naked. His cool. " he said, his argument very well without regrets n. I was impressed. " OK, whatever. But if I have someone who is on, take some clothes. Some might think I'm a pervert or something. " He eyes and said : n ". Whatever " then I heard the clock signal. Shit, was the second clock and 00. It was time for my art class. " Listen Josh, I have to go. It is time for my art class. 'm Back n at 4:00. OK? Not trouble. Here is an extra row of keys and 5 dollars. the passage is the way. " " OK. Cool. I hope the new Pokemon game is on ! " I hurried out of Josh TV. I did not think after playing with his cock as I went. only made ​​it to class on time. The other five men were is already in conversation with Dr. Gordon. " No sorry I'm late, Dr. Gordon. I visited my brother Josh for a two weeks. " " That's right Jason. The family is always important. Someday to take all of my brother John. He is a construction worker, and should have in modeling came to us. Jason, why do not you ask your brother, for example, for us? "I saw for a moment, as if reading my mind was looking for. " Ah no, my lord. I have not mentioned. He is my little brother. It is only 12 years of age. " " What is wrong with that. A boy would be an excellent subject for the class. Young children especially have a very different kind, and elegance to your body. Think of it as extra credit Jason. " I kept looking into his eyes and empty my mind of protests. Withoutce to put it this way and knew that Josh would love.. " OK, come when you want, sir? " " How about tomorrow ? " I nodded. " Sure, I'll ask him. " Dr. Gordon put his hand on my hand and said : ". I made ​​a connection with today," No I had no idea Lolita Bbs Toplist what he meant, but I felt his spirit in my head. I think that Joshua commanded, and take in the rest of the class whizzing by, when he dreamed of the day of my brother. I got home and saw Josh was still out. He had left a note. " Hey Jase, I went to the gallery. Later, Dude. Josh. " An hour later came through the door. wet with sweat. that his shirt had shone on the shoulders and chest smoothly with sweat. " Hey Joshua, where have you been? " I looked with a grimace little mom and I just called Joshua. "I played soccer with some kids in the lake. " " Wow, they become fast friends. " " Yes, I know. I guess that" sounded like end if this topic. Lolita Bbs Toplist "Gow what, I have a surprise for you. "Eyes Josh lit up. " What, Jase ? " " Oh, come on, do not even try to guess. " I approached him and raised him. I lifted her small body over his shoulder. Skidded your skin soft in my hand while I tickled her. He laughed and tried than to flee. " What..... what.... ? I give up! Jase Come, tell me. " Finally, I removed it. Was a bulge in his pants? " Do you want the class to come with me tomorrow? " " Boooooring !!!!",, announced. "Not my kind of story is stinky. My kind of art and may be Model! " looked forward to, dass " You mean, like if you took my picture last year? Cool! Well, s I have to go. ? " " Ummmm, good question. What's shorts and a tank top. I " " Yes, I can use the impressive blue shorts from Target. " It is hot here, standing with my brother in his shorts no shirt. Or maybe I was hot. :" Well, anyway. You suck ! going to takeShower. " " Awwww I can do? " "Yes ! Be sure to clean tomorrow. " had his pants right there in front of me, gave me a good look at your child without hair -.... about building something valve slightly Wow clicked in my head, I extended my hand to touch her ​​short soft boy- cock. looked at me with wide eyes. 's tail extended to total of five inches from his. I walked away quickly. looked at his tail, \\ \\ n safe and shrugged my shoulders and with a shrug. n, then turned and ran to the bathroom. "You want to take a shower with me, Jase ? " " No, " I shouted. Josh was fun child will know. Chapter 3 : the model of the next day, made ​​sure that we are heading art class was too early to Josh n a way to make a trip to last a long time looking at something digress.. s in a bookstore window, or see a bird in the air. \\ \\ n I have it in art class last that Dr. Gordon sat with the other students of Greek art. Dr. Gordon has shot and discuss a qu cartAnguilla and Josh quickly. My mouth was open, but Josh was delighted. " Hello, Jason, who is Josh? " I nodded in silence. Dr. Gordon seemed to be the ability to charm have People of all ages. He turned his attention to me and in my head I heard I say, ". I'm glad you brought it to me," smiled n Josh and said, " Yes I am," Dr. Gordon said, "... what a naughty boy and Josh, I hope you do not run Spirit for a while if you are standing right where it begins " Josh took the steps to the front of our classroom, then pulled the curtain on the classroom door and bolted. That was weird. n only did when she was still nude models. " Hi I want Josh, do you really think that the use of the shirt? " 'I asked. "I like to see your natural beauty. " Before saying something that Josh had taken his shirt before kind and has now been semi- nude modeling. I started to protest, but Dr. Gordon sat beside me and looked into my eyes. " Josh did not look like Jason. ""Yes, I know, Dr. Gordon. " I said dazed voice. I just sat there Josh soft body of the other guys in the class has pencil sketches. Dr. Gordon took a camera and Shooting close-ups of the upper half is Josh. Josh was totally in your element. This is what I did best. Thirty minutes later, Dr. Gordon whispered to Josh. I could not hear what he said. But Josh smiled and pulled his shorts! Now I was completely naked in front of the class. Both Dr. Gordon and classmates was very quiet. The students began a scheme new. My little brother, who was not even 12 yet naked in front of all the boys. And the kids were loving it. He enthusiastically describes sketches of Dr. Gordon has more photos. I have tried to be horrified, but Josh is the body properly moved my eyes n and a new sense. His back was well and without problems, bone and some children. the ass of his s a beautiful pair of melons in the form of soft cheeks. I found myself wondering WHAt was on the cheeks. Suddenly, Dr. Gordon, whispered in my ear: " You want him to is not it? " " Yes," I whispered to my effort queue in my pants. "Why do not you go to play it? " as a zombie I walked with Josh playing his small penis. The rooster soft arose to his full height of 5 mm. I started rubbing it to for a while, watching her and Josh. Josh eyes widened when touching the cock of her s, but then closed like a common joy in his beautiful boy - body. This was not enough for Dr. Gordon. Somewhere in my head was clear to me had taken control of my body. His next suggestion was to suck spiritual Joshua is a small penis. my ​​lips open, and knelt. So Josh took all 5 inches in my mouth and started sucking. I drew my own brother and , there was nothing they could do about it. Apart from that enjoy. Josh almost lost his balance, when I started to suck. poor toddler was overwhelmed by feelings that he never had. However, loved it. It felt so good and that his own brother. I came to my hands and grabbed her ass cheeks for support. Tomé and massage as they were berries. When I was pleased to Joshua, Dr. Gordon was a kind of Vaseline and s told the class. "Look Lolita Bbs Toplist at the class, as children now bring a new level of joy. " extended Vaseline on the index finger and left behind Josh are in my brother's little ass. I've heard, Josh surprised breath as her ass was penetrated by the index finger Professor. I did not care. All I could see was the cock and two smooth balls in front of me. I licked and sucked my tiny cock brother as a pig. The next thing the teacher said. N " Now let's try two fingers n What we're trying to do here is find the child and rub the prostate is a pleasure never felt this child before. " Then he pushed your second finger deep into Josh 's ass. poor Josh. I was not even 12 yet and there wasalways an adult pleasure. My body bow and little brother screamed in pleasure. Then he shook his cock again and again. I felt fine stream peak sweet cum in my throat. I sucked his cock and milked for all had. Apparently, Josh was able to ejaculate. My little brother has his orgasm faded n with a little more closely and in the arms of my teacher. Hahn and Josh ended up with crouching like a dog waiting for more. Dr. Gordon was not my shared spirit of his control. Josh After setting the pace, said Dr. Gordon, to the class: " Do you have it all" One of the classes I observed had a camera n "! Well. Well, we're not done yet here. we have to leave an hour class n. But what could we do? " " Oh, I know," Dr. Gordon said with an evil look in his eyes. that came to me in the face. " Please undress Jason.. " Slowly I removed clothing until she was naked. My penis was angry a 8 inches. " Please contact your brother. " all orfa sudden I know what Dr. Gordon wanted from me. My logic mind was screaming no, no. But Dr. Gordon won my wish and mind control. Dr. Gordon began to smear Vaseline up and down my stiff cock. revolved around Josh. My brother was still breathing hard from of her orgasm. He looked at me, saw my huge cock and actually smiled! What the hell? He wanted? OK. My mind was all the opposition. took my brother and hugged him for a minute. My cock n cheek gently rested between his twin brother. Then I took her hands and extend its reveal almost 12 years of age rose rolls into a hole. I pushed a finger in my own brother in the ass, beyond the sphincter and anus. I have tried , with two fingers. Josh gasped each time a finger back into your virgin hole. Finally, I tried three fingers. I stretched the hole to make sure he could take me. I took my finger and put the mushroom head of my cock s on the lips of her ass before she gave me a good shove. The head ormy tail f just suddenly disappeared and was recorded in Joshua Colt. Josh whispered. "More, please," That was all the invitation I needed. I began to increase print inch after inch of my son passed away a cock Josh s ass ring His lips pressed little ass, pushed more for my meat n him. Soon everyone was eight inches of my cock into Josh. I was barely aware that a flashing camera somewhere, and Dr. Gordon had to get his cock n and the touch was. What was important for my soul shaken at the time is that my little brother got me love pole. He squirmed try to ask for more in this way in his little body. His own cock was now to build completely. While there, I feel my cock gasping fixed my brother -boy pussy ass was to open the adolescents themselves. My teacher started to pick me! Now it was the cry to me as Dr. Gordon is expressed in my own Virgin ass, makes me more on my brothers. , then MIke, one of the students joined the orgy. He grabbed my brother 's cock s and began to suck. Soon she began to undress, and n- again. My cock in and out of my little brother. He was narrow and the walls of her anus slid my cock invading what is an even incredible situation. Finally, after 10 minutes by car from top to bottom. Josh came first. His cock started to spit out the mouth of Mike. I felt that the 11- year-old Wild orgasm deep in her ass. His muscles twitched sending feelings new and exciting, my own tail. Soon he began to run on my little brother. This, of course, be felt by the teacher. I wanted to fuck my joy about their spiritual connection with me and through its own tail my Lolita Bbs Toplist ​​ass. Finally, I was ready. I relied on Josh for a minute trying to recover my ​​own massive orgasm. I felt Dr. Gordon dragging his rooster semen encrusted out of my own ass. I felt strangely empty. I wonder if that's what Josh feel. Dr. Gordon stood up and said : "ExCelente that's all for today classes. "I got up slowly and Dr. Gordon gave me a handkerchief. I trying to clean up as best I could. Josh sat on the floor. I had gone through another then I had an orgasm.. I was tired and pulled her shorts and t- n and lifted Dr. Gordon said, "Jason, it was excellent, but this is our secret ! "The mental doors slammed in my head, Lolita Bbs Toplist and I found can not say anything about So I smiled and said. " Thanks for an interesting day, Dr. Gordon. " Josh seemed to be asleep, so I took her home. I put Josh in the bed I gave him a long, wet big kiss on the lips. He answered me. We kissed n a long time to enjoy the feeling. Then he sighed and said, "Thank Jase for today. " Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep. I let my hand soft on his bare chest for a while. I just enjoy playing the soft the body and enjoy time together, we're brothers. So I went out a roomd took a shower. I thought of my strange day, but my thoughts were n so upset I decided to go to bed. My last thought for the day was my little Lolita Bbs Toplist Joshua s brother, smiling in his sleep. If you want to know more about Josh and Jason, and, or ideas, please let me know in rhydant hotmail. Com Thanks.
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